The artistry of the Native American silversmiths shows through in the beauty and high level of craftsmanship of our handmade sterling jewelry from New Mexico. It was in the 1800’s that the Spanish settlers in America first taught the Native Americans the art of silversmithing. In combination with the sterling the turquoise stone has been favored by the Native Americans to utilize in their jewelry. artists-four.pngEvidence dating back to prehistoric times shows that ancient Native Americans were mining for Turquoise. This love of turquoise and commitment to a high level of silversmithing continues to this day. We work directly with the artists to bring you the best in handmade Native American silver jewelry. The most impressive examples of Native American hand made silver jewelry are made by the Zuni, Navajo, Hopi and Pueblo peoples. The Zuni are best known for their fine channel inlay as well as their needle point or tiny stone clusters. The Hopi rely on a silver on silver technique called “overlay.” It is the Navajos who are thought to have been the first group to begin actually silver-smithing. In addition the Pueblo Indians can be fine silversmiths as well.